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About Us

We searched and searched in pet rescue and pounds for our dogs but we couldn't find one to suit our family at that time. We needed small/medium hypo-allergenic dogs who would thrive in our family with our existing pets. There were a lot of beautiful dogs available for rescue of course! Just none for us.


 Our first dog Ruffy came to us through a friend. She is tiny but she can hold her own in the dog park! Ruffy has warm brown eyes which she uses to provide emotional support to us when we need. When we bred her with a Jack Russell there was a long waiting list for her four beautiful pups.


But it was hard to find stud dogs for Ruffy - as most breeders in Australia are not permitted to support cross breeds by their dog clubs. That's what gave us the idea of supporting and promoting stud dogs who we KNOW are great dogs - through gene tests, experience with their healthy litters, but mainly though their temperament in action.

Our second dog Iris is a Bordoodle - a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle. In Australia these are becoming popular but the breed isn't yet developed. It usually takes several generations  to create a dog that is consistently wonderful. We contacted Iris's breeder and had her full support to breed her into the next iterations of this wonderful breed.

Now we are a small breeder dedicated to breeding friendly dogs that will fit into your family. Several of our puppy buyers select our dogs to create service dogs. Visit the Available Pups page for details. 


Australian Responsible Breeders Association #13829.

Breeding family friendly bordoodle and mixed dogs



Happy Non-Shedding Puppies

We breed litters of puppies in our family home in Castlemaine. Our puppies are highly socialised and ethically bred. We are very careful about helping our customers select the right puppy for their family and home. 

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Stud service

Meet our stud boys Halo the Border Collie/Coolie Cross and Ewok the Maltese/Shih Tzu/Jack Russell. These beautiful dogs all make superb family pets and companions. We met or bred these lovely dogs and we support ethical breeders who would like to use their service. 


Bordoodle Breed Development

The Bordoodle is a relatively new mix of Border Collie and Poodle. We are working to develop generations of the Bordoodle into a wonderfully consistent non-shedding family dog. We are aiming to create a medium, non shedding dog with a loving temperament.

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