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Why we are the opposite of a puppy farm

A question a lot of puppy buyers need to know is whether or not we are a puppy farm. This is super important because many people (including us) don't want to support the puppy farm industry accidentally. We are based in Victoria Australia - which has one of the strongest regulations against puppy farms in the world!

Puppies are raised in our loungeroom with our kids

The key ways we are not a puppy farm are:

1) We have puppies raised in our homes surrounded by our children and our domestic lives. 

2) We don't own more dogs than we can love at one time.

3) Our dogs are our universe! We take them everywhere and feed them like kings.

4) We use Guardian homes to expand our breeding program. Dogs we will breed are sold to their forever homes for a massively reduced fee - and come back to us when they are ready to breed when they stay with their puppies for 8 weeks. After 4 years or 3 litters - they stay permanently with their owners. 

5) We only breed 3 times per female dog.

6) We have no more than 10 dogs in our program at any one time. 

7) We allow visits to our home so puppy buyers can be assured of what we do.

8) We follow an extensive socialisation program based on "PUPPY CULTURE" and advice from our Mentor breeders. 

9) We are members of the Australian Responsible Breeders Association and follow all of their policies and guidelines.

10) We don't breed dogs that have known genetic issues. We test our dogs before we breed them. 

11) We are transparent about where we are and what we do. 

If you have any questions or further ideas about this topic please call Lani on 0416084018

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