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Our breeding girls

We currently have three breeding girls who live with us - Iris, Rainbow and Ruffy and another two girls in guardian homes who aren't yet old enough. We conduct vet health and ORIVET gene tests. We will breed a small number of litters for each of these - with litters available throughout the year.


Email to go on our waiting list. 



Bordoodle (F1)

Iris is a first-generation Bordoodle. Her mum was a brownish Border Collie and her dad was a Cream Standard Poodle. Both her parents had full hip/knee score tests before she came.​Iris is non-shedding but her groomers love her. She is really gentle with the children and with the other puppies. Iris just wants to please her owners - which sometimes gets her into trouble! 

Visit the Available Pups page.



Maltese Cross

Ruffy is small but that never stops her from participating with ball games or at the supermarket. Ruffy brings people together as EVERYONE loves her! Ruffy is non-shedding and agile. Ruffy is the mum of Waffle, Woki our Stud and Rainbow who is in lots of our photos. Ruffy was an excellent mum and all her puppies have been vigorous and healthy. Ruffy has many fans who call her their favorite dog in the world. Visit the Available Pups page



Maltese Silky x

Rainbow is Ruffy's youngest daughter! Rainbow is super pretty - the subject of many of the photos in this website. At 4Kg she is a tiny little dog but when she bats her eyelids - everyone loves her. Rainbow is very affectionate too - she likes being around us. She is our fastest runner - much faster than many large dogs. ​Rainbow has a mixed coat of Silky hair. She is super easy to brush and because she is so tiny - honestly none of her hair can be found in the house. Meanwhile she never really gets seeds in her hair!​

Visit the Available Pups page

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